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Welcome to Monk School of Motoring
No need to look any further, you have come to the right place. Monk School of Motoring is here to assist you to not only to pass your Driving Test but to drive safely thereafter. Here are some reasons why we think you should talk to us.
It's not what we say that matters, what matters is what our clients think and say about us. Here are some comments from our past clients!Don’t just take our word for it, read the testimonials bellow and make your own mind up.

Bruce W            Feb2018                                                                                                                                                        I passed my test second time with 5 minors. Howard instructed me from my first lesson. He is a diligent, patient instructor who aims to not only get you through your test but make you a good driver all round. I would definitely recommend Howard to prospective learners

Leon Louis           Feb 2018
After recently passing my driving test, I would like to say thank you to monk school of motoring and Emmanuel for helping me pass. I would highly recommend Emmanuel as he is professional, polite, very patient and down-to-earth. When learning to drive with him, I found him to be very clear and concise, which helped me learn quickly.

Fiona Jordan          Jan 2018                                                                                                                                                        Jeff been awesome, and thank you to you and everyone at Monk also as I passed last Friday.
I passed my test in Isleworth on Friday 26/01/18!! I'd like to say 1st time but after failing 3 tests 11 years ago (in Scotland.....I know) I'm afraid that would be a lie. Monk School of Motoring were very responsive and helpful when I was initially looking for a driving instructor/school and have continued to be professional and helpful all the way through. I have to say a very special thanks to Jeff, my driving instructor, however. Without him I wouldn't have the pass certificate I've been waiting so long for. I can't recommend him highly enough. He has been so patient, professional, informative and helpful all the way through. He always tried his best to work with my schedule. He kept me calm and collected on the day, and I am so grateful. Thank you very much Jeff! Now I just need to buy a car......Kind regards, Fiona.

Hannah Thomas     Jan 2018
I absolutely LOVED my driving instructor Emmanuel. He was such a lovely man,Very patient and polite. Over the period of time we spent together I started to look forward to my lessons! He gave me the confidence I never thought I would find! Thank you so so much for everything..YAYY i passed my test!!!

Jade Mortimer         Dec 2017
I am emailing to thank Monk Driving School for supplying such a great and professional instructor. Paresh from Monk was outstanding. I passed first time with one minor. I am so happy with the service and level of expertise from him. Ive been with over 3 well known driving schools and not one can compare to the fantastic experience I have had with Paresh. He is such a great instructor, perfect for nervous pupils and those who have had bad driving lesson experiences. I wouldn't recommend anyone else. 10/10!

Izabela Kutrys          Dec 2017                                                                                                                                                     I have passed my driving test thanks to Howard.He's an amazing instructor - very professional, supportive, calm and friendly. He can put you on ease if you feel nervous and explain driving techniques very clearly. If you make mistakes, he'll let you to learn from them, so you won't repeat them again. The lessons were well prepared, informative and fun. Howard - thank you so much for everything.

Foley Soloye          Dec 2017
I passed my driving test not to long ago with an instructor i was referred to by a friend who goes by the name of Emmanuel. Now with all the different diving instructors and people i have been in a car who have attempted to teach me how to drive Emmanuel has to be the most calm and composed teacher i have come across . He is able to relax you mentally as you are behind the wheel whilst teaching you about how to operate the vehicle. Not once have i seen Emmanuel raise his voice while a mistake takes place he simply tells you where you were wrong exactly and lets you get on with it until you get the hang of it . i would strongly recommend Emmanuel for a new driver as his patience is remarkable , very humble and well spoken not to mention gives you quite the good laugh!

Paula Da Silva      Dec 2017                                                                                                                              Howard was brilliant instructor. He was calm, clear and incredibly supportive every step of the way. The lessons we had always added and enlightened me in terms of getting my driving better and safer (i already had a foreign licence not accepted by British authorities) When it came to my test, i was positive and confident and passed with flying colour's. I will strongly recommend him as a instructor.                                          Thank you for everything!

Pushpa Meghani     Dec 2017                                                                                                                            I had a very good experience with my instructor. I passed my driving test first time and would definitely recommend Monk1 driving school.

Philip Bogucki     Nov 2017                                                                                                                               Howard is a really good instructor. Every time i saw him there was a smile on his face and it really helped the driving environment. Very clear and helpful instructions on how to deal with all scenarios (including the use of toy cars). Not scared to tell you off for doing something wrong followed by instructions on how to correct it.  There were times when dealing with difficult situations towards the end of the lesson where he would get slightly frustrated. However, he would never raise his tone and would always compose himself and myself quickly after such an event occurred. I have now passed my test. Remember hands follow eyes!

PaulYan            Nov 2017
Emmanuel is very much experienced, patient and always be helpful during my lessons. I'm so grateful for his professionalism and kindness. I've passed the practical test within a short period of time.    More............

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