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Krzysztof Gornicki              June 18
I was pleased with Monk and happy with the lessons. Alan is an excellent driving instructor.

Vida Sohrabi                  June 18
Paresh is very patient, polite and always on time. As a first time driver who did not know anything about cars, he listened to my silly questions and answered them. He identified my weaknesses and made me feel confident by making me do them over and over again. I could not have passed first time if it wasn't for him. Thank you so much Paresh . I am sure I will use the skills I have learnt from you for life! 

Artur  Saroyan                                 June 18
I would like to leave a review about my driving instructor Dwight Ellis. Very pleased to work with him . felt comfortable under his instructions and confident in his knowledge . It took just 5 hours of practise to pass the driving test.Very satisfied with Dwight Ellis. Best regards and again many thanks for his and your service.

Luiz Rossato                                    June 18
I just would like to say that I have taken just a few classes with Paresh but this was more than enough for me to be really able to pass the test on a very short period of time since my first class.
His teaching skills are very good as he takes a very simple and pragmatic approach, reducing your tension and making sure you focus on what matters, which leaves you confident and ready for the exam. I would certainly recommend him to friends.
Best regards

Rodi                                                  May 18
As a person I get very nervous on tests and exams which makes me perform quite bad under pressure. Not everyone can teach and be able to explain things in away you will understand, however Emmanuel, except his experience, passed me his calmness and professionalism in handling road situations which you can't predict. I can only say that it was a pleasure having those lessons, for which i was looking forward all week and that except my driving licence I gained life knowledge and a good friend.

Ricardo Fernandez                  May18   
I passed Bank Holiday Monday 28th May. With Alan.I am quite satisfied with all the help, guidance and clarity you gave me through all your experience Alan. Thank you to Alan, my instructor, and to Monk for everything. Sincerely.

Aigul G                                             May 18
Being impressed by a substantial number of positive feedbacks about Howard, I’ve contacted the school to ask Howard to be my instructor. With no doubt, I can say that Howard proved a true professional, who knows how to teach practical driving. He explains driving techniques in a simple way so I believe anyone can easily understand how to approach various road situations. Apart from being an excellent instructor, he is a very nice and friendly person (and just to note, with very good sense of humour!). I enjoyed every lesson! Important to notice I’ve passed my exam with the clean sheet, I didn’t have even one little minor mistake! That was just yesterday, still can’t believe it!!!!!!
Howard, I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your knowledge and experience which enabled me to pass my test so perfectly. You were a wonderful driving instructor, who taught me the skills I needed throughout my learning experience.

I would recommend Howard to absolutely everyone who is seeking for a high quaility lesson. One more thing to add - Howard was always able to fit lessons around my schedule, which was very helpful! 

My Charlie McCafferty              May 18                                                                                                                                             Overall experience with Howard as a driving instructor has been stressful but also rewarding. I have finally passed my driving test after the 3rd attempt due to the fact that i was nervous etc. Howard as an instructor will get on your nerves with his nagging but speaks the truth and does not just sit back and let you do what you want as you drive. We follow all the road rules to stay safe and to stay out of trouble. I've been a student with Howard for a while but that was due to me putting off completing my theory test, which i had passed first time.Throughout my lesons the main thing that was bad and aggravated me was Howard's talking at times i didn't need him too as i had control and understanding of what i was doing. Before starting the lessons i had full understanding of how a car works but did not know exactly how to get the car on the move. Right before my first lesson i had actually watched a YouTube video on how to get the manual car moving because i was nervous as it was my first ever lesson in a car. Howard eased me into how to get the car moving by taking me around Fulham football ground it to help get me used to the car and gear changing etc. Howard does not throw you into the deep end and will not make you do anything you feel uncomfortable with but will give you the confidence you may need to get yourself to the level to undertake the task that is holding you back.Overall i would recommend Howard from Monk to be your new driving instructor, he will annoy you but you will be smiling once you get that pass certificate.

Gabrielle B  May18                                                                                                                                                                                                                       I'd just like to thank my instructor Howard for teaching me and helping me to pass my driving test!                                                   Howard is patient, professional, punctual and competent instructor who has taught me not only to drive, but to be a safe driver. At first i was quite a nervous driver. However, Howard has helped me to stay clam on the roads and taught me how to be a competent driver which i am grateful for. I have thoroughly enjoyed all my lessons with him and I would highly recommend Howard as a driving instructor.

Gavin  Beckwith                May2018                                                                                                                          My  instructor Dwight was spot on and explained all the things I was doing wrong and how and what I could do to get them right I passed my test with just one miner so it speaks for itsself.

Cenk Serovaogullari         May 2018                                                                                                                               My instructor Emanuel was a great help for me to pass the driving exam. He is very experienced and always very helpful and understanding. I recommend him to all my friends.

Sasa Aleksic                       April 2018                                                                                                                               I really appreciated Howard as an instructor, I was very happy with my experience with him, and i am so pleased I PASSED FIRST TIME! He was very firm but I enjoyed my lessons with him, I would defiantly recommend Howard to all my family and friends. Thank is to all the team at Monk especially Rebecca 

 Archie Akhavan                 April 2018 
I passed my test a while back with Alan. He was a great teacher and i appreciate his guidance and help.                                       First driving today since I passed the test last month and the passengers were impressed. I have you to thank Alan, couldn't have hoped for a better teacher. Hope you are well. you  a great teacher and i appreciate your guidance and help.


Anita                         April 2018                                                                                               Hi Alan, I just wanted to say thank you again for all your help and guidance over the last few months - it was great to learn under your instruction, and I’m really happy to have passed my test, specially with zero faults. All the best wishes.

Mais                                        April 2018                                                                                                                                          Thank you so much to Paresh and Pushpa I was the lucky one to get both of you as my instructors, all the hard work has come to an end of passing will definitely miss you guys. Thank you.

Ikram Dahmani               March 2018
I would like to say, “merci beaucoup” Parish, and Thank you so much for your help and endless support in getting my licence.With your wise advice and patience, you taught me the skills become a safe driver. Thank you for giving me the confidence to drive and for helping me to overcome my stress. Your lessons were well-structured and very informative.I will recommend you to anyone who is interested in learning to drive. I honestly couldn’t have done it without you.

Charles Graham                   March 2018
I passed my test first time, with only two minors. I would like to thank my instructor Jeff, who was calm and composed at all times, and was very flexible, driving all the way to central London, so that I could continue learning to drive at university. I would highly recommend Jeff and Monk School of Motoring to others wanting to learn to drive

Bussiena Ali                             March2018
Parish was very good and patient. Taught me a lot in a short amount of time and was very understanding. His instructions were clear and always makes sure to go over anything you didn’t get the first time. He’s a genuinely nice person and an enjoyable teacher ! I passed first time thanks to him.

Chanell                               March 2018                                                                                                                                I would like to thank monk and especially Emmanuel. I passed today and I thank him dearly. He is so calm and built my confidence up when I doubted myself. He is so reliable and punctual and is such an honest person. I would highly recommend booking with him through monk. I can’t thank you all enough!!

Marie-Laure Bonganga   March 2018                                                                                                              I passed my test thanks to Paresh. I had an amazing experience and he’s a great instructor , he mad me feel relaxed and confident . I’m really glad he was my instructor. I was very happy with the results, passing with just one minor!

Laura Samatova            Feb 2018
I passed my test this week! I am grateful to Monk School and my instructor Emmanuel. Emmanuel is patient and considered instructor. He gradually built my confidence and taught me to drive calm and enjoy the process.
I would recommend Emmanuel to anyone interested to practice driving. Emmanuel is knowledgeable and experienced instructor with nice sense of humour and great personality.
Thanks a lot!

Chun Li                      Feb2018
I've had a very good experience with Monk driving, specifically with my instructor Howard.
After around 20 hours of lesson, I managed to pass my test on the first try. He was very helpful and patient with me. He is a great instructor and anyone can pass under his guidance. He really helped with the test, especially with the small tips that he gave, and calming my nerves before the test.

Alex De Brunner      
I passed my driving test first time. From the very beginning Howard was able to realistically tell me how long it would take to learn (3 months roughly) and exactly when he had predicted I was able to do the test. He is not just focused on the test and ensured my driving was good rather than just teaching me tricks to pass.I would recommend Howard to anyone thinking of learning to drive.

Kevin Johnston          Feb2018
I did my lessons with Emmanuel he delivered his knowledge is a very simple and stripped back way which made it very easy to take in. I passed first time and found it very easy I felt no pressure to take any extra lessons. The whole experience was very enjoyable and would recommend Emmanuel to anybody especially if you like the laid back approach as he is very softly spoken and a real gentleman

Bruce W                     Feb2018                                                                                                                                                   I passed my test second time with 5 minors. Howard instructed me from my first lesson. He is a diligent, patient instructor who aims to not only get you through your test but make you a good driver all round. I would definitely recommend Howard to prospective learners

Leon Louis                 Feb 2018
After recently passing my driving test, I would like to say thank you to monk school of motoring and Emmanuel for helping me pass. I would highly recommend Emmanuel as he is professional, polite, very patient and down-to-earth. When learning to drive with him, I found him to be very clear and concise, which helped me learn quickly.


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